Staying Positive Through The Good And The Bad.

Looking back on this year, I’m sure I speak for many people, when I say it has been a challenging one. Economically, socially and environmentally we are facing obstacles of all shapes and sizes, never seen before. Having myself, embarked on a journey into the unknown and unpredictable territory of entrepreneurship, being in a motor car accident that nearly took my life and having to cope with a loved one being severely ill, I have had to grow in different aspects of my life.

One of the areas that I had to work on was staying positive through the good and the bad days. I started watching my every thought. Was it a positive thought or a negative thought? (Thoughts create emotions). Once this became a habit, it became far easier to be joyful. I was not going to let this series of unfortunate events take away my joy. No longer do I see anything as unfortunate or negative, only an opportunity to grow and stretch my capabilities. This is how I choose to be.

Keeping positive through hard times is always easier said than done but learning to manage and control my thoughts and emotions is probably the most valuable skill I have gained and am still striving to master.

When we aren’t I control of our emotional state, we naturally find that we are allowing ourselves to be infuriated with the inconsiderate motorist, enraged at the poor service we’re receiving or frustrated with our difficult colleagues. The instant we allow others, situations or events to affect our thoughts emotions we have already lost half the battle and we are no more than slaves. I started making conscious decisions to not be controlled by anything other than myself.

This to me is one of the most profound aspects of this human consciousness. We are not defined by anything other than what we choose to be. The fact that no matter what this existence forces upon us, we can still perceive and choose how we want to be. No other creature on the planet has this privilege and I am grateful for every morsel of this exhilarating experience.

In conclusion: Many situations are forced upon us in this existence, including our birth and death but what happens in between and how we choose to be must be ours!  The next time that a fellow human attempts to make you mad, sad or glad. Remember they are just doing what they know best. Give them a smile and just grow.

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